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PVD Refinishing (TiN, FDE, etc)

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Lone Wolf Distributors is now proud to offer an extended line of high performance PVD coatings!

If you are looking for a high performance coating for your slide or barrel, look no further than one of our beautiful PVD selections. Physical Vapor Deposition is a process often used to provide hardness and abrasion resistance to machine parts and cutting tools to achieve maximum efficiency. Due to the micronized nature of PVD coatings, there is no perceivable build up (or thickness added) to the medium it’s being applied to. This makes PVD coatings perfect for application to moving components such as firearm slides and barrels.

The average micro hardness of PVD coatings go well over 80 on the Rockwell hardness scale, but does not effect the characteristics of the steel beneath. This provides excellent abrasion resistance and a lowered coefficient of friction, which means less resistance and heat buildup. Apply these characteristics to the already stellar performance of the 416R stainless steel that’s used in our Lone Wolf slides and barrels, and now you have the ultimate combination of high performance and high-speed looks! We recommend you keep the coated parts oiled to prevent corrosion.

Benefits of PVD coating:
  • Hard, scratch and wear resistant
  • Lubricious, corrosion and chemical resistant*
  • Beautiful color
  • No appreciable build-up to interfere with firearm operation

Lead Time Information:
  • Refinish runs are once each month for most colors. 
  • Rose Gold, ORB Mocha, Copper, and TiN are run quarterly, roughly being sent on third week of the month (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct)
  • Your parts must arrive at Lone Wolf Distributors the week prior to the start of the run.
  • Approximately 8-10 week turn around time.

Please Note:
  • PVD can only be applied to NEW AlphaWolf and LWD components
  • Some colors require custom services:
    • Components with Rose Gold (ROSE) MUST be high polished prior to PVD coating 
  • AlphaWolf barrels with FDE can NOT be high polished prior to PVD
  • Can now be applied over our engraving
  • Flash hiders shown are mild steel, stainless steel may show slight variations of color
  • PVD can only be applied to stainless steel magwells and extractors
  • No returns or refunds are issued on custom services

*PVD coating increases corrosion resistance.  It does NOT “corrosion proof” the part that it is applied to.  Parts must be cleaned and oiled to prevent corrosion (even if it is applied to stainless steel as it is only corrosion resistant as well).  It is very important if you live in a humid area, or if the parts have been exposed to corrosive elements like salt water or sweat, that you follow these instructions.

If you live in a humid climate, we suggest you use Flash Nitride™ instead of PVD.

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