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The Seattle Slug corrects the balance and handling problems in the Glock while serving as an effective magazine guide. Popular with law enforcement and competitive shooters alike, the Seattle Slug has won acceptance by officers and shooters across the West. Improves handling, improves reliability in weak-hand shooting, absorbs recoil, speeds reloads, and installs in minutes without modifying the gun.

Available in brass (3.5 ounces) and black anodized aluminum (1.1 ounces, slightly less in 19/23). The first and best of its kind. Available for all models except 26/27, 29/30, 42/43 and the SF frames. 

Our current slugs are built around the “Gen. 3” frame, and will fit/function well in the “Gen. 2.” They WILL NOT fit the “Gen. 4” frame

TAY-SS1722 Shiny Brass fits G17/22

TAY-SSB1722 Blackened fits G17/22

TAY-SS1923 Shiny Brass fits G19/23

TAY-SSB1923 Blackened fits G19/23

Here's why you want one

The Glock’s lightweight polymer frame offers the shooter a compromise. The light weight makes it easy to carry, but doesn’t absorb much recoil, and offers no significant weight to balance out the relatively heavy slide. As you run out of ammo, the Glock’s recoil signature changes, becoming very “whippy” in the hand. The lack of weight in the frame also makes the gun (rather famously) prone to “weak wrist” malfunctions. The recoil-operated action needs to recoil against something in order to work, and if you don’t hold the gun properly, the entire gun will move rearward instead of just the slide.

The Seattle Slug provides extra weight to absorb recoil, counterbalance the weight of the slide, and give the gun a little something extra to work against before the gun recoils into your hand. It’s also an effective magazine guide, letting you load off the back of the magwell instead of aiming for the front (as one must to avoid hooking the rim of the topmost cartridge in that gaping hole at the back).

The slug is no wider than the frame of the gun, and protrudes only slightly beyond the length of the installed magazine. Since it works off the back of the gun only, you can use stock magazines and seat them properly without the extensions required by competition parts. Just as important, you can reach up and strip out a stuck magazine without having to reach up inside a steel ring to grab an extension with your fingertips (as you would with a competition part).

It conceals well, reloads well, and calms the recoil down considerably.

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