Arredondo Checkered Mag Ext Black +6/9mm +5/40

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Black Arredondo checkered Glock magazine extension fits Pre Ban Hi-Capacity FML (Full Metal Lined) and NFML (Non Full Metal Lined) magazines. Virtually unbreakable and extremely secure. Easily installed or removed with supplied "U" tool. You are purchasing a complete kit which includes: Extra power spring, take down tool, extension sleeve and base pad.

Adds the following round count: 
+6 for Glock 9mm M/19
+5 for Glock 40 S&W M/23
+5 for Glock 357 Sig M/32
+3 for Glock 38 45 GAP

*USPSA Limited Class Legal! Extends M/19,23 magazines to 140mm.

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