Freedom Wolf 80% Frame (Compact/Bare)

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SKU: LWD-FreedomWolf
Description: Compact 80% Freedom Wolf frame. Fits GEN3 or GEN4 G19/23/32/38 slides.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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Please note that in response to the BATFE’s (“ATF”) final rule 2021R-05F, announced April 11th2022, we will cease offering Freedom Wolf kits on or before August 15th. The official deadline established by the ATF is August 24th, however, this internal cut-off of August 15th will allow Lone Wolf Arms ample time to process existing orders prior to the 24th deadline.

Additionally, as required by the ATF in the same ruling, any Freedom Wolf ‘frames’ received at Lone Wolf for any after sales service on or after August 24th, which are not already serialized, must be serialized and recorded in our Acquisition and Disposition books before they are permitted to be returned to the end user.      

If you would like additional information, the complete ruling may be read on the ATF’s website here:  Summary of Final Rule 2021R-05F | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (




DIY doesn’t have to be stock. Upgrade your 80% Glock frame game with the Lone Wolf Arms Freedom Wolf.

Please note: Rail Adhesive is no longer included in Freedom Wolf kits. The lead-time on bulk adhesive would have pushed us past the gov't restriction dates. You can purchase rail adhesive by searching for VibraTite 388 or alternately Loctite 380 Black Max.

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Accepts the following (via dust cover adapter):

  • Glock 19 Gen3 and Gen4 slides
  • Glock 23 Gen3 and Gen4 slides
  • Glock 32 Gen3 and Gen4 slides
  • Glock 38 Gen3 and Gen4 slides


  • Fits in standard Glock® 19 holsters
  • Extended beaver tail designed to disperse recoil impulse
  • Uses LWD-7534 style ambidextrous Gen4 magazine catch (not included)
  • Uses LWD-4361 style locking blocks (not included)
  • Uses a GEN4 style trigger housing (not included)
  • Undercut trigger guard for higher grip placement
  • Removed finger grooves for improved grip position


  • Compatible with Glock® Gen3 or Gen4 G19/23/32/38 slides.
  • Length: 7.00”
  • Height including magwell: 4.77”
  • Width: 1.13” frame, 1.49” magwell


  • Freedom Wolf 80% lower
  • Stencil (Jig)
  • Front rail (x2)
  • Rear rail (x2)
  • Flat backstrap
  • Swelled backstrap
  • Magwell
  • Front rail cap (x2)
  • Left rear rail cap
  • Right rear rail cap
  • 3mm drill bit
  • 4mm drill bit

Why doesn't this work with other Glock slides?

- The lugs on full-size barrels are in a different location so you can’t use full-size slides unless you are using one of our slide adapters and special 19L or 19XL barrels.

How does the Freedom Wolf 80% frame compare to Polymer80 frames?
- Ours fits in standard holsters, allows use of both Gen3 and Gen4 slides, has a Gen4 ambidextrous mag catch (included in the Freedom Wolf Completion Kit).

Should I buy a completion kit too?
- Some of the parts may be difficult to source without buying from us. The parts kit is a one-stop-shop for the items to complete the frame.

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