Freedom Wolf 80% Frame (Compact/Bare)

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SKU: LWD-FreedomWolf
Description: Compact 80% Freedom Wolf frame. Fits GEN3 or GEN4 G19/23/32/38 slides.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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DIY doesn’t have to be stock. Upgrade your 80% game with the Lone Wolf Arms Freedom Wolf. If you’re familiar with the Timberwolf® frame, you’ll see many similarities between the two frames. The Freedom Wolf is not at the stage of manufacturing to meet the ATF definition on a firearm frame. This means that this item can ship straight to your door, with no Federal Firearms License required. Simply follow the instructions provided, and 48 hours later, you will be ready to assemble and shoot your home built Freedom Wolf!


  • Accepts Gen3 or Gen4 G19/23/32/38 slides (via dust cover adapter)
  • Fits in standard Glock® 19 holsters
  • Extended beaver tail designed to disperse recoil impulse
  • Ambidextrous reversable Gen4 style magazine catch
  • Undercut trigger guard for higher grip placement
  • Removed finger grooves for improved grip position


  • Compatible with Glock® Gen3 or Gen4 G19/23/32/38 slides.
  • Weight: 2.6 oz. stripped, 3.2 oz. partially finished, 4.7 oz. complete with locking block and trigger installed
  • Length: 7.00”
  • Height including magwell: 4.77”
  • Width: 1.13” frame, 1.49” magwell


  • Freedom Wolf 80% lower
  • Stencil (Jig)
  • Front rail (x2)
  • Rear rail (x2)
  • Flat backstrap
  • Swelled backstrap
  • Magwell
  • Front rail cap (x2)
  • Left rear rail cap
  • Right rear rail cap
  • 3mm drill bit
  • 4mm drill bit
  • Rail Adhesive



At Lone Wolf we’re continually monitoring the political landscape and laws effecting our 2A rights. So far, our interpretation is that nothing about the ATF’s proposed federal regulations (86 FR 27720)  would enable seizure of 80% complete frames that have been privately made into firearms by anyone eligible to possesses a firearm. If we’re wrong on this and legal customers have their Freedom Wolf’s taken by Federal officials due to  Regulations (86 FR 27720 only), we’re offering to serialize your frame free of charge, which effectively makes it a Timberwolf  frame.  Alternately, Lone Wolf will give you store credit based off the price purchased from one of our vendors. All you need to provide is proof of purchase. 


Disclaimer: The information presented is for informational purposes only, is not legal advice, and is subject to change without notice.  If you have any specific legal questions, you should contact your attorney.