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02/03/2020 David W. Wrote:

Your Barrels and Slides are Beautiful!! Very nice!! If I hear of anyone that is looking for GLOCK Parts i will definitely let them know to look at Lone Wolf for sure.

David W.



02/03/2020 Loren F. Wrote:

Congrats on implementing the slide configurator. it is Terrific! You have a fantastic selection of stock slides, but the concept and implementation of the slide configurator is a level above all others especially when you were already above all others.

Loren F. PHD

Biloxi, MS



01/28/2020 James R. Wrote:

Let me be the first to tell you that you guys did an absolute immaculate job! I am super stoked about the job you did. Please tell your co workers they are awesome. I can tell you I will let everyone I know how good you guys did.

Thank you again for everything!

James R.


01/28/2020 Jim B. Wrote:

I recently installed my 3.5# target connector. I had already bought and installed every internal component that Lone Wolf makes for my Glock 22 including the 3.5# connector but wow what a difference! I absolutely love this new connector. the wall and break with the new target connector is so smooth and crisp it is amazing.

Thank You Lone Wolf. I now have THE perfect Glock.

Jim B.


01/24/2020 Dan D. Wrote:

Was just wanting to tell you that I just got my G21 muzzle brake and I absolutely Love It!! I bought a way more expensive brake and just hated it, yours is very reasonably priced, is excellently well made and looks great. Thanks for the great product, I already had your threaded barrel, and it is making my G21 Mathilda, look beautiful!



01/24/2020 Tony D. Wrote:

Thank You! You and your company have been outstanding to deal with. I will be ordering a couple of barrels shortly. Thanks Again!!!

Tony D.


01/22/2020 Chip M. Wrote regarding Warranty Work:

Thanks for the Fixing Up!! Please let the other folks know I'm sendin a Big Ol' Thank -Ya'll!!

Chip M.


01/22/2020 Jim T. Wrote

Hello Lone Wolf!

Several months ago I ordered a milling job for a J Point red dot on a Gen3, G26 Slide with a cut located forward of the rear sight dove tail. My Slide was returned within the time quoted and I assembled it using an Ameriglo rear night sight with a single tritium dot and a Truglo TFO green front sight. The Ameriglo was used because there wasn't enough space for the TFO rear sight. I used the TFO front because I had it in my parts box and because I wanted a color other than red so as not to get confused about which red dot to use when sighting quickly from the holster. After sighting in the J point I found that when aiming with the iron sights the red dot falls dead on the green fiber optic dot in the front sight. You can't get any better co-witnessing than that and I didn't need suppressor height sights to get there!!

I am really pleased with the way it turned out!




01/14/2020 Chief Dennis B. Wrote

I recently purchased a caliber change barrel from Lone Wolf Distributors. I was really impressed by the Customer Service Rep in his knowledge of their products. I'm Old School and it had been several years since I had shot any firearms. He was very patient and polite, especially with me because I like to ask a lot of questions! The barrel that I received was a masterpiece of machining. It fit properly and I had no issues while shooting with it.

Great Product, Great People to deal with and Lone Wolf has gained a Loyal Customer because of this!!


Chief Dennis B.-Retired


01/13/2020 Robert M. Wrote:

Recently I was looking for a company to perform some machining on a Glock 21 slide. I searched the internet and settled on Lone Wolf Distributors and a pattern from their Custom Machining selection. After sending in the slide I impatiently awaited the return. After the designated wait period was over, the slide was returned and I opened the box to remove the newly machined slide. To say I was impressed would be an understatement! The machining work was impeccable! I also had the slide refinished in a Cerekote finish which was also applied flawlessly!

I am a truly satisfied customer who can unequivocally recommend Lone Wolf Distributors for any customer machining work you may be considering.


Robert M.


01/03/2020 L.B. Wrote:

The Customer service at Lone Wolf was one of the best experiences I’ve had! There parts are top notch and I’ve never had an issue with any of there products! Thank you for the help on my daughters project, just needs sights. She loves it! I’d recommend you to all of my coworkers and friends!! Keep up the good work

01/02/2020 Louis M. Wrote:

Thank you for your excellent service. I will buy a new slide from you guys and barrel too. When they are available let me know. Your service is excellent and your barrels are very much more accurate than the original barrels that came with the gun. Louis

12/26/19 Ray M. Wrote:

I would like to commend one of your Customer Service/Sales Representatives for OUTSTANDING dedication to her job. A couple of months ago I inquired about a frame for a previous slide I had ordered. I was informed that the particular frame I needed was not yet available but would be in the near future. She took my phone number and said she would call me when the frame I wanted was available. With the holidays up us I completely forgot about the frame. Lori Berry called me on 12/23/2019 and said the frame I wanted was now available......WOW...I was dumbfounded....Needless to say I ordered the frame. In my 81 years of age (34 years in the NYCPD) it was so refreshing to meet a person who cares about her job and the good name of her employer. 

GOD BLESS YOU LORRI BERRY. Respectfully Yours: Ray M. 


12/12/19 Lee B. Wrote:

Wow! Thank you! That was fast! Awesome Customer Assistance! I'll definitely be telling my friends about this. I appreciate your help, have an awesome day!

12/12/19 Arthur S. Wrote:

Hello, just wanted to thank you for your awesome products. Your products are Amazing!

As a father of two sons that are big fans of yours, including myself as well. They love the outdoors and live for hunting, fishing and camping. I want to thank you for keeping your prices low in times like these. It means so much for families like mine that are struggling. 

We totally recommend you to our family and friends. 

Happy Holidays. 

Arthur S. 


12/09/19 David B. Wrote:

I just received my Lone Wolf Grey Man 19. I am both impressed and delighted with this gun!!

All the guys and gals at Impact Guns (my FFL) were impressed with it as well!

Thanks for the speedy sale and the delivery and for such an extraordinary gun!!!!


David B.



12/5/19 Russel T. Wrote:

Hi, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my mailbox today for another item and found that the 30L 45 barrel that I had ordered with the flash nitride finish had arrived. This flash nitride finish w/black Fe3O4 over, it looks great, my 30sf thanks you. I was half thinking that was money I didn't need to spend since I already have a 30L 45 barrel in the white, but it looks so much nicer with that rich dark black finish. At this point I'll probably send the unfinished 30L 45 barrel so you for porting and flash nitride when I feel energetic, even though the G30 kicks so little due to the heavy slide that is doesn't need ports. You guys really are the go to company for GLOCK. 


Mark M. Wrote:

Great product Fastest shipping ever!


Mark M.


Ted Wrote to Customer Service:

Dear Lorri,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in getting my order straightened out. My slide arrived Saturday morning, and it's GORGEOUS! I can't wait to finish my build and take it to the range. 

I enjoyed our conversation and thanks again for your courteous, friendly service. I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

Best Regards, 



Aaron H. Wrote:

Thank you Lorri for your help and patience. You inspired not only a sale, but were an excellant example of what a first contact experience with any company should be like. If you have any...? please share this small bit of praise with your Managers. I have known LWD for a long time and am extremely happy; based on my experience with you that I was finally in need of a produce offered by  LWD!


Aaron H.


Conny B. Wrote:


Had a pleasant experience on your site with my purchase. When in need I will use again. I will also recommend you to my friends. 



Ladies and/or gentlemen,

I do 95% of my shopping online. However, I don't know that I have ever seen a Shopping Guarantee before such as the one you provide. 

In a time when customer service appears to be a dying art, it's very obvious that Lone Wolf Distributors truly . cares for their customers-not only with the guarantee, but with actual customer service. Have communicated with James Griffin multiple times concerning an order and he could not have been more patient and helpful. 

Thank you for the way you do business. 





Charles C. Wrote:

I have four medium to full size Glocks. Two of them, a G27 and G35 came new as .40 S&W. All original barrels were polygonal, meaning I was limited in bullet choices. I eventually replaced all the barrels with Lone Wolf barrels. After purchasing 9mm magazines for G27 and G35, I have both 9mm and 40 S&W capabilities. Over time I developed bad arthritis in my hands. I had small hands to start with and the arthritis made it more difficult to operate the factory Glock triggers. I changed the trigger on my G19 to Lone Wolf and it helped enormously. I plan to replace the triggers on the remainder of my Glocks. The Lone Wolf Barrels are far superior to the Glock Factory Barrels. They are more accurate and consistent and the Lone Wolf trigger is just the ticket. It is easier to reach and operate and has a more positive reset than the Glock triggers. I have found Lone Wolf aftermarket options to add immense value to my shooting experience. 


Harry R. Wrote:


Received my Glock Slide back yesterday. You milled a slot for a red dot sight and installed suppressor height sights for me. I want to say what outstanding work your people did. The sight fit perfect and turnaround time was short. All this and a price that stomps the competitors is why you’re number one in my book.


Thanks Again,



Lt. Harry R.

Kentucky State Police



Malcom K. wrote:

Thank you for such a quick reply and the information on the 30s/36, that helps a great deal. Linking another companies product since you don't make one yourself is above and beyond and shows your professionalism and integrity. I really appreciate the help and will continue to purchase from you and recommend your products. 



Roger Wrote:

Hello, Quick note to let you know I received my order today. Product is just outstanding. Excellent service all the way. More orders to follow. Thanks, Roger



Mark T. wrote:

I would like to tell Lone Wolf how happy I am with your services and products. I built a Glock 40/20L handgun in 10mm. I used a Lone Wolf 20L slide and a 6 inch 4 port Lone Wolf Barrel. The pistol is a wonderful shooter with very mild recoil and highly accurate. I intend to use it hunting when the opportunity arises. Many thanks,



Regarding Customer Service Brad C. wrote:

Thank you for the update! Your company's time and effort is more than appreciated. 

Your company is top notch!



I just wanted to say what great Customer Service you have! I spoke with Lorraine S. and she was very helpful in fixing 

my mistake. She is a credit to your company!!


Chris F.



I received my new barrel for my Taurus 92. It took less than 20 minutes to install (Most of which was spent looking for my brass punches to transfer parts from one to the other).

Perfect fit and Operation. 

Thank you for your responses to my question and your professional advice. 

Bob S. 

US Army Retired



Justin F. writes:

Here is my completed Glock 19 with Chameleon Alpha Wolf Barrel. Great Job! The barrel came out far better than I could imagine once the gun was complete.



Billy W. writes:

Thank you All so much for replacing my Glock smooth trigger with the serrated one. Customer Service is great at Lone Wolf and I appreciate You all and will shop again with Lone Wolf!



Joseph D. wrote regarding experience with Customer Service at Lone Wolf:

Ms. Sutton is an asset to your operations. Looking forward to dealing with you in the future. Thank you very much. JOE.

I'm very happy with my products received. 




Alexander T. wrote:

Good Morning Ms. Sutton,

I received my barrel yesterday and it was perfect, thank you so much for getting this resolved for me and also thank you for the fantastic customer service, you're amazing. 




Larry P. writes:

Thank you for the heads up. You folks are super in my book.



Jarrod B. writes:

I’ve purchased many items from lone wolf and you always deliver.

Descriptions are great. Products work awesome and shipping is lightning fast. 

Pricing is always great too. 

If there’s anything you can improve upon, I can only say keeping items in stock!



Larry Q. writes:

I wanted to write you and tell you about how wonderfully I was treated by Lorrie Berry!!!...Lorrie was respectful and kind throughout the many emails exchanges as well as on the phone.
I seriously believe she should be recognized for her outstanding attitude in a position that can really wear a person out, Customer Service!



Lee F. writes:

Excellent thank you for you quick response, I don’t normally hear back that quickly buying gun parts online. You will [b]e receiving more of my business!



Charles G. writes:

I am happy with the recent order.  Several years ago, I got a Lone Wolf .40 S&W rifled drop in for my Glock 22 so I could use cast bullets..  I don't remember where I purchased this item; it wasn't from LW.  It worked so well further information I received prompted me to get a 9mm and .357 SIG barrels, also LW,for my G22.  I just had to have the 9 mm threaded to complete my "set".  I don't think I will be applying for a class III purchase to use it, but it is cool when I go to the range.Works just like the other LW barrels I have shot.Some time ago, I built a Polymer 80 V2 and am using the barrels on that frame as well.

Good stuff.



Brian A. writes:

As all products I have purchased from LWD works exactly as advertised converts my G22 to 9mm and allows use of all 1/2x28 threaded muzzle devices..LWD’s prices and quality are on par or better than any other company.



Stephen B. writes:

“In brief, my purchasing experience with LW was one of the best online purchasing experiences ever!”



Stephen B. writes:

My first order with Lone Wolf was completed two days ago on Monday.  I could not be happier with your order/delivery system.  I made this order on Friday morning, June 19, and had my order in my hands by midday Monday, June 24.  Based upon my experience with other distributors, I consider this result extraordinarily excellent.  In the future, Lone Wolf will be among the first businesses from which I will choose to order.



Brian F. writes:

I love lone wolf, I've bought many items in the past.



Wesley C. writes:

I got a SS for a G26 and a SS polished for G19 they both worked great, impeccable service



Lane H. writes:

The Flash Hider fits my AlphaWolf Pistol Caliber Carbine and looks good.

I've ordered from Lone Wolf several times.  Your chat function is staffed

with well qualified representatives, who are always able to answer any

questions I may have about any of the products.



Allen M. writes:

Only problem I had was finding the small "3" marked on the extractor! Your staff cleared that up, told me where it was stamped (!), and that was that!  For the record, this is the ONLY thing I have ever had a problem with when purchasing from Lone Wolf - not even a problem, really! I've purchased other parts from you, and the quality was always unquestionable, top end across the board.

I purchased a 9mmP conversion barrel from you for a friend's G23, he couldn't believe the reliability and accuracy of your barrel, and with no break-in period. Add in being able to use cast lead bullets for practice, and now his .40 barrel gathers dust and lint in the gun cabinet drawer!

Pass the word on that your staff are giving places like Glockmeister, RYG, NDZ, and GlockStore something to worry about by raising the bar as to quality, price AND customer service!



Gary S. writes:

I experienced great customer service.  



Bodie B. writes:

Thank you for the great customer service!  You guys made my bad evening much better.  I will be a lifelong customer!



Stephen V. writes:

(Barrel 6.56” threaded 9mm barrel)

I am retired now but in my career of working with the Lovely American Public (LOL) for 40 years normally only negative opinions are expressed about a product.  BUT I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME BARREL!  GOOD JOB!  



Guy C. writes:

Thank you so much for your quick service and great customer service!

You and your Team are Great!


Thomas B. writes:

Thank you very much!  Excellent customer service.  Can’t wait to try it out



Guy C. writes:

Thank you so much for your quick service and great customer service!  You and your team are great!


Lawrence S. writes:

To Lone Wolf & your customers, here is my feedback for the Glock 19 SS23 
slide and especially, the RMR slide melt machining service:
My background is: Car guy, son of a machinist and long time home 
amateur gunsmith hobbyist.
The SS23 slide is very nice to begin with. I needed to have it cut for 
the Trijicon RMR footprint so I can mount an SRO on it.
I contacted Lone Wolf customer service to learn if the complex SS23 
pattern can get the RMR cut. Their customer service was fast, 
professional, super friendly and excellent - not only replying to my 
email in less than 24 hours (usually same day) but without my asking, 
the friendly CSR even sent a link to a photo of an SS23 with the RMR cut 
so I knew exactly what to expect.
Lone Wolf received the slide on a Monday and shipped it back 2 days 
later. The machining quality is BEAUTIFUL and obviously received a 
finish cut followed by bead blasting and I believe it was also 
passivated thereafter. The threads are nice and Lone Wolf's specialized 
RMR screws for the slide melt fit perfectly.
I had radiused the "castle?" area before sending the slide in and that 
came back beautifully bead blasted, too. That was not expected and was 
super nice of you all to do that. Thank you!
As a former degreed and certified machinist, I highly recommend Lone 
Wolf's products and especially their machine shop services!
I say again, squared away operation all the way and BEAUTIFUL work.
5 of 5 stars in all categories. Highly recommended.



Myke L. writes:

The product was as described and I like that the price reflects the final price, no hidden fees.  I’ll be buying from your company in the future.  Thanks for the fast shipping and good price.



Jim C. writes:

Just wanted to let you know that your “how to” video to install the better extractor on a Glock was outstanding.  I almost feel like trying that improvement myself because the video was so well done and precise.  Good job!



Michael B. writes:

“Everyone there has been amazingly helpful thank you” 



Anthony R. writes:

“The information on your website was all good in reference to the bull nose comp.  It preforms as stated.”



Lynn F. writes:

Impressive!  You really understand customer service!  I recently sent my G19 OEM slide to you to be machined for an RMR.  I know the exact times but I’ll round it off.  You received my slide around 10am last Monday (20 May) and about 7pm my slide was sitting in the USPS office in Spokane (55 miles away). Thursday (May 23) midday (2000miles away), my finished slide was in my hot little hand.  A few minutes later the sight was mounted and my G19 put back together.  I read an article that you were striving to give customers same day service on a multitude of products and you really nailed it on this one.  My only mistake was sending the slide to you via UPS which took a week.  From now on, I will send non FFL pieces to you; USPS flat rate.  UPS was a fortune!  Good job! Use this in your blog if you wish!


Steve L. writes:
You guys rock. PS I'm also using one of your stainless replacement barrels in my Glock 19. Dropped right in and has a nice tight lock up. Allows me the option to shoot lead and also delivers fine accuracy. Another great product.


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