Introducing the pinnacle of Glock aftermarket innovation, the DUSK19 pistol line by Lone Wolf Arms. With over two decades of expertise in enhancing Glock-pattern pistols, Lone Wolf Arms proudly presents the DUSK19, a culmination of years of development and innovation. The DUSK19 boasts a meticulously crafted upper featuring a 17-4SS DUSK19 profile slide, available in a sleek black nitride finish or a range of eye-catching PVD options.


Designed for optimal functionality, the slide includes front and rear serrations for effortless chambering and press-check, and is reflex sight-ready with an included optic cover plate compatible with various popular footprints. Complementing the slide is a 416 stainless-steel barrel with DUSK19 profile, reducing cycling time and enhancing coating wear resistance. The CCS frame of the DUSK19 offers enhanced ergonomics, featuring a 19° grip angle, interchangeable backstraps, integrated grip panels with textured grip, and an integrated, flared magwell for seamless reloading. Moreover, the DUSK19 incorporates a new flat enhanced trigger system, delivering a 30% reduction in Peak Force for smooth and efficient shooting. Experience the pinnacle of performance and aesthetics with the DUSK19 pistol line from Lone Wolf Arms.