Lead Times

Below is a list of lead times for our most common custom services. If you have received a shipment notification, and your order contains any of these items, please make sure that the lead time has passed before inquiring about your order.

*Please note: If you have more than one custom item, those lead times will stack. Meaning if you have Barrel Reaming and Cerakote, the total lead time will be 1 week + another 6-8 weeks total.

*Times do not include carrier transit times.

Service Lead Time  Notes
Bull Nose Machining ~1 Week  
Custom Slide Machining (SS Patterns / CMS / Serrations / Coffin Cuts / Custom Configured Slides) ~5 Weeks  
Slide Melt ~1 Week  
Slide Melt w/ Cavity Fill ~5 Weeks  
Slide Melt with customer supplied optic that's not on the list ~5 Weeks  
Drill & Tap Optic Mount ~1 Week  
Barrel Cut/Crown ~1 Week  
Barrel Threading ~3 Weeks  
Barrel Reaming 1 Week Excludes warranty work
Guide Rod Assembly 3 Business Days  
Sight Installation 2 Business Days  
Frame or Slide Assembly 2 Business Days  
Test Firing 1 Week  
Other Custom Work
(such as installation or customization of customer supplied parts)
1-2 Weeks  
Barrel or Slide Engraving 1-2 Weeks If all graphics are in place ahead of time
Slide Cover Plates & Plug Engraving (Custom) 3 Business Days If all graphics are in place ahead of time
Crown, Compensator, Magazine, Knife, or Frame Laser Engraving 1 Week If all graphics are in place ahead of time
Poly80 Serial Number Engraving 3 Business Days  
Timberwolf Grip Engraving 5 Business Days If all graphics are in place ahead of time
Two Tone Polishing   Same as base coating lead time
Flash Nitride 8-10 Weeks  
Cerakote 6-8 Weeks  


*Refinishing services are not completed in house. To keep the cost of refinishing services low for our customers, ALL refinishing work is sent to be completed once we receive a certain number of orders. Once that quota is hit, then the lead time begins.