AlphaWolf LR01C 9mm Compensated Slide, Assembled (Gen 3)

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Enjoy faster follow up shots and flatter recoil with this limited production run of AlphaWolf LR01C compensated 9mm conversion barrel and G17/22 slide as a complete upper. This AlphaWolf profile slide is the perfect conversion upper to your original Gen3 compatible 17 or 22 frame. Also fits Polymer 80 full size frames. LR01C uppers come completely assembled ready to drop on your frame. Due to the unique porting, LR01C slides are not compatible with other barrels. Also, LR01C compensated barrels WILL damage a non-ported slide. 

Slide Features:

17-4 Stainless Steel

40-9 Conversion Barrel, flush muzzle profile

Top hexagonal window directs escaping gasses from LR01C compensated barrel resulting in recoil mitigation

Relocated front sight rearward of compensation port

LWD Front and Rear Sights

RMR Slide Melt

Completed with small parts (parts list below)

Black Nitride Finish

Made in the USA!

Barrel Features:

416 Stainless Steel

Hexagonal compensation port

Made in the USA!

Parts Kit Features:

LWD-84 - Firing Pin Safety (9/40/357/10)

LWD-2714 - Spring Load Bearing LCI 9mm

LWD-91 - Firing Pin Safety Spring

LWD-49 - Firing Pin (9/40/357)

LWD-119 - Extractor Depressor Plunger Spring

LWD-1148 - Channel Liner (all models)

LWD-56 - Spacer Sleeve

LWD-63-4 - Firing Pin Spring Mid-Weight

LWD-1895 Extractor LCI 9mm

LWD-70M Firing Pin Spring Cup - Marine

LWD-SCP7-BLACK Unlined Slide Cover Plate - Black

LWD-112 Extractor Depressor Plunger 9/40/357/45GAP

LWD-GRA1722 Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly

LWD-182 Lone Wolf Polymer Rear Sight +0

LWD-6956 Lone Wolf Polymer Front Sight w/ Screw

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    Customer Service

    Posted by Travis Bunke on 12th Mar 2024

    I was contacted by Customer Service after submitting the one star review. I submitted a photo of the LWD firing pin showing all of the machine marks on it. I tested the slide again with a stock Glock firing pin assembly and it was 100% on the Gen 4 frame for 50 rounds. Customer Service sent out a replacement firing pin, which was defect free and I installed it. It was 100% for 100 rounds on the Gen 4 frame. The Night Fusion sight set that was free with the purchase was installed about halfway through this testing. The sight picture is great, but the zero has the point of impact about 3 inches high at 10 yards and 7.5 inches high at 25 yards. Some associates have lower 1/3 sights that have zero issues and we will be swapping around rear sights to hopefully find acceptable zeros for all.

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    AlphaWolf LR01C Upper G22 9mm Conversion Gen3 Ported for Compensated Barrel, Assembled

    Posted by Travis Bunke on 19th Feb 2024

    140 rounds through this today, first use. On a Gen 2 frame half the rounds from the first mag failed to fire with just as many rounds failed to eject. Very light firing pin strikes on the primer. One round failed to fire 6 times and this was very good ammo. I then tried it on my P80 frame that is set up for .40. More failures to fire and eject, but fewer by about a half. Ejection pattern was all over the place and weak with both frames. When dry cycling on both frames it would fail to reset the trigger on a regular basis, but I never had a dead trigger when shooting. I then tried it on a Gen 4 frame. Only one failure to fire out of about a 100 rounds with no failures to eject and much better ejection pattern. If I did not have Gen 4s, this would be unworkable and being returned for a refund. With a Gen 4 this is range toy only. I later stripped the slide down. The firing pin is full of machine marks on the full length of the shaft. The firing pin does not rattle in the slide like it should when the firing pin block is depressed. The Gen 2 and P80 fire 100% and eject 99% with Aim Surplus conversion barrels and the Gen 4 is 100% with an Aim Surplus conversion barrel. I will direct mount a cheap dot on this slide for a range toy. But, buyer beware. Per customer service, customer is being sent a replacement firing pin. Our firing pins are warrantied for a lifetime against breakage or other manufacturing issues.

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    G22 9mm conversion

    Posted by Ren on 26th Jan 2024

    Very satisfied with this purchase. Reviews on similar item questioned its accuracy but after 200 rounds...2-3inch grouping from 15 yds. Top notch product we'll definitely buy other products.