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When we first launched the original Timberwolf frame, one of the first questions was “when will it be available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357SIG?” That time is now, because we’ve revamped and upgraded the design to bring you the Timberwolf Full Size. The first thing you’ll notice is that the TWF fits in your hand like a much smaller pistol.

The TWF-C and TWF-F accept Gen3 and Gen4 G17,17L,22,24,31,34,35, and 37 slides.

When using a Gen4 slide you simply remove the installed adapter in the dust cover area of the frame. Using Gen3 slides you leave the adapter in place to fill the gap between the slide and dust cover. 

The TWF includes the dust cover adapter, removable magazine well, and interchangeable backstraps (TWL & TWF backstraps are interchangeable)

No matter what your shooting goal is, the TWF will fit your needs. Whether you want a gun for backwoods carry, a longslide for competition, a slim and easy to carry 9mm for personal protection, or just want to build the coolest gun at the range, the Timberwolf Fullsize can make your dreams come true. 

Assembled frames come with the following parts installed.

If purchasing a bare frame with parts kit the same parts are used but not installed, if you are using your own parts please note most parts are GEN3 parts except the magazine catch and trigger housing which requires a GEN4 style part. 

Part Name TWF  
LWD Extended Slide Stop 3 Pin LWD-7496  
LWD Ext Slide Lock Lever Black LWD-ESLL  
LWD Connector 3.5 lb LWD-342  
LWD Trigger Spring 6 lb LWD-350-6  
LWD Trigger Pin LWD-420  
LWD Locking Block Pin LWD-4368  
LWD Slide Lock Spring LWD-5446  
LWD Locking Block LWD-1447  
LWD Trigger Housing Pin (Black) LWD-427B  
LWD Universal Trigger Housing LWD-UTH-9  
LWD Mag Catch Spring LWD-280  
LWD Magazine Catch Reversible (Gen 4) LWD-7534  
LWD Trigger Bar LWD-3608  
LWD Polymer Trigger Shoe, Black (Standard, non adjustable) LWD-PolyShoe  

*When checking out please put the name, city, state, and phone number of the FFL you want the frame shipped to in the comments section.

Must ship to FFL , if a frame, slide and barrel are on an order the 10% excise tax will be added by our CS team.

*When swapping mag catch directions you must REMOVE the magazine catch spring, do NOT just pry the spring around the mag catch, frame damage will occur. 

FFL items are not returnable.

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  • 5
    TWF frame

    Posted by Sherman Weaver on 9th May 2024

    This is my second one. Really like the thin grip and mag well. Put a Lone Wolf ported slide/barrel on it. Very pleased.

  • 5
    One of the finest frames

    Posted by Great Frame on 15th Feb 2024

    Great frame. Love the replaceable grip module. The flared magazine well is sweet too. Trigger is in my opinion better than Glock's.

  • 5
    TWF Frame, Full size

    Posted by George Marrero on 17th Sep 2023

    I have several of these, large (2), full size (3), and a compact size. Quality is excellent, fit and finish also. All parts/components fit and function as designed. The Glock and after market parts also fit and function well. The guns are accurate and reliable. The weight is as light or lighter than the original Glock. The ergonomics, which is why I got these frames, is miles better than the Glock. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    TWF full/full textured frame built

    Posted by Michael Seykoski on 23rd Aug 2023

    I love this frame. I put a ROCK USA slide assembly on it, and it fits and functions perfectly. The grip texture feels great. The grip fits my hand well and the pistol points like an extension of my finger. I also like the addition of the mag well. This is a quality piece and you won't regret your purchase.

  • 5
    Perfect Point of Aim

    Posted by Jesse on 30th Jul 2023

    I just bought my second frame, and am still blown away at how awesome these are. Of all my pistols (Glock, FN, Springfield, Sig and others) these have the most absolutely perfect point of aim when the pistol is presented. It may vary for other users, but even several friends who have tried it say the same thing. Love these!

  • 5
    TWF Full/Full Textured Frame

    Posted by Mike on 20th Jul 2023

    Very nice. Worked great with my Glock 34 slide.

  • 5
    Running with the Pack

    Posted by Lyndon on 9th Jul 2023

    I purchased this frame for a build project. I complemented it with a Lone Wolf completion kit, stainless steel guide rod and an Alpha Wolf silver slide. It reminds me of my favorite football team "Silver & Black" and performs exceptionally well! The grip is very tactile and molds to my hand. As a lefty, this pistol ejects the spent casings away from face and noggin. I will definitely build another to expand the Wolf Pack!

  • 5
    TWF full frame

    Posted by Austin Wilson on 27th Feb 2023

    Top notch quality, can't go wrong with these frames!

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin on 29th Jan 2023

    Very happy with the Lone Wolf built frame. Excellent quality and function. The feel of the grip is amazing. Paired perfectly with the milled Glock 22 Gen 3 slide I used. Very accurate in conjunction with the Alpha Wolf threaded barrel I had on hand. The completed gun has functioned flawlessly with over 300 rounds put through it at the range so far. Came with a free Lone Wolf hard case as well. Highly recommend.