Dawn365XL Barrel, 9mm, Graphite Gray

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Dawn365XL Barrel, 9mm, Graphite Gray

DAWN 365XL barrels from Lone Wolf Arms were designed to take your SIG SAUER® shooting experience to the next level. Crafted from premium 416SS steel, these barrels feature a new profile design that's finished in PVD for enhanced durability and wear resistance.

The DAWN 365XL profile design features a hood pocket and profile facets, which work together to reduce bearing surface for faster cycling, resulting in quicker and smoother shooting. This makes the DAWN 365XL barrels perfect for competition shooters who demand the highest level of performance and reliability from their firearms.

In addition to their superior performance, these barrels are also factory slide drop-in ready, meaning that they can be easily installed into your favorite firearm without the need for any modifications. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of these barrels right out of the box, without having to spend any extra time or money on installation.


  • 416SS barrel with new DAWN 365XL profile design finished in PVD 
  • Hood pocket and profile facets to reduce bearing surface for faster cycling and coating wear resistance 
  • Factory slide drop-in ready
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