Glock G27 Magazine 10 Rounds

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This is a 9-round magazine but has a factory +2 extension installed for a total of 11 round capacity for use in Glock 27 pistols

These 9-round magazines feature an extended baseplate and numbered witness holes for keeping track of capacity. They’re engineered for optimum fit & function, and designed to drop free when released.

ONLY fits 40 S&W ammunition and Glock 27 pistols.

Glock magazines come with a very strong spring rate from the factory to ensure reliability in the toughest of conditions. Sometimes, magazines are found to be a little bit difficult to load at first. However, after a few times loading and unloading, the springs break in nicely and it becomes much easier to load.


Original Capacity of 9 rounds but this magazine has a factory +2 extension installed so it actually holds 11 rounds. Current production FML (Full Metal Lined).

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