Lone Wolf Extractor LCI 9mm

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Lone Wolf Distributors is proud to announce our own 9mm Loaded Chamber Indicator Extractor. We built it to exceed the Glock factory part in fit, finish and safety (compared to non-LCI extractors). With this new style Loaded Chamber Indicator you can quickly verify whether your pistol is loaded or not at a glance.  

The factory Glock part is very hard to identify as a 9mm part unless you can measure it against a spec sheet. The improved LWD part has an easy to verify "3" stamped into it so you always know which extractor is for your 9mm.

Lone Wolf extractors are investment cast from A1 tool steel.

Must use new style spring loaded bearing with this extractor. GLO-2714. Part number 3 on the Glock Schematic.

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