LWD Slide Adapter Gen3 to Gen3 - Black

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Now you can convert your standard G19, G23, or G32 pistol into a genuine long slide.  This conversion will work with Glock factory slides, Lone Wolf custom stainless steel slides, or AlphaWolf Slides.

The benefits include:
  • Improved sight radius
  • Increased velocity
  • Superior balance and handling when compared to the stock factory pistol 
The conversion requires a Lone Wolf SA3-3 and a Lone Wolf extended barrel. They will easily convert your Gen3 Glock model 19 frame to accept the Gen3 G17 or G34 slides. Will also convert Glock models G23/G32 frames to accept G22/31 or G35 slide.

  • Build your G19 into a 19L 
    • LWD-SA3-3
    • LWD-19L barrel
    • G17 slide
  • Build your G19 into a 19XL
    • LWD-SA3-3
    • LWD-19XL barrel
    • G34 slide
  • Build your G23 into a 23L
    • LWD-SA3-3
    • LWD-23L barrel
    • G22 or G31 slide
  • Build your G23 into a 23XL
    • LWD-SA3-3
    • LWD-23XL
    • G35 slide
  • Build your G32 into a 32L
    • LWD-SA3-3
    • LWD-32L barrel
    • G22 or G31 slide
  • Build your G32 into a 32XL
    • LWD-SA-3
    • LWD-32XL
    • G35 slide

For all conversions based on a 19/23/32 frame, use the guide rod appropriate to the slide (eg 17/34 guide rods)

*May require minor gunsmithing in the fitment of the dustcover to the slide.*

***Not compatible with Gen4 slides, use LWD-SA4-4 for this application***

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