Glock Trigger Bar G20,20SF,21,21SF

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The GLO-4417 trigger with trigger bar is listed by Glock Inc as fitting the G20,20SF 10mm and G21,21SF 45ACP. It features a smooth trigger and is standard issue to these guns however it will also fit the G29,29SF 10mm and G30,30SF 45ACP.

  • Current production parts are marked (stamped) with 4256-3.
  • Will not fit the G36.

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    Oem factory Glock trigger bar.

    Posted by Jason Henley on 9th Apr 2023

    I messed up my trigger bar during polishing and reprofiling. Sure the trigger pull was 2 pounds but it had no wall and was easy to pull all the way to drop the firing pin and light off a round before I was ready. Once I put the stock trigger bar and connector back in I had a much better, safer trigger. It’s not always best to mess with Glock Perfection.

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    Glock 20 Slide & Trigger Bar for same

    Posted by Keith on 27th Mar 2023

    Great products both. Slide is very well machined, Trigger bar was buffed out works great. I have tried 3 different companies best have come from lone wolf. Now I have the best, Will go out punch paper and targets. Thank You