Wolff Extra Power 23lb Guide Rod and Spring for Glock 30

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23lb spring set plus non-captured guide rod.


For Use In:
        Glock 29, 10mm
        Glock 30, .45 ACP
        Glock 36, .45 ACP

        Note: For use in all models above including Generation 4

Wolff recoil springs for Glock 29, 30 and 36 are matched sets of inner and outer springs.   Extra power spring sets help improve recoil function in these pistols.  Springs are for use with Wolff Guide Rod Components. Springs are non-captive for easy changes on Wolff guide rods listed below. A replacement factory strength striker spring is included.

  • Reduced Power...:  15 Lb.
  • Factory Standard.:  17 Lb.
  • Extra Power.........: 19, 21 & 23 Lb



Wolff recoil spring guide rods for Glock pistols are the ideal companion for Wolff recoil springs. Guide rods are solid steel, hardened to a minimum of RC-55 and now have a jet black finish that won't wear off and provides corrosion protection.  Wolff guide rods provide optimum performance for Wolff recoil springs through better support and spring alignment. Permits you to keep factory recoil assembly intact. Order guide rods alone or in combination with a recoil spring of your choice.

Note: Wolff recoil guide rods are non-captive thus allowing easy recoil spring changes.

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