Lone Wolf Custom Cut & Crown for Barrels

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Lone Wolf is proud to offer custom barrel lengths and custom crowning options.

After the proper AlphaWolf or LWD barrel has been chosen and in your cart, use the drop down menus above to select the desired barrel length and crown type.

Please note:
Price includes custom machine service only! Barrel is NOT included.
We only offer this service to AlphaWolf (AW) and Lone Wolf Distributors (LWD) barrels (no OEM
Our Browning HP barrels are eligible for this service by selecting "no cut" and then selecting your crown. Please put in the order notes whether you want it flush to the slide, or cut to a non-threaded length.
We can only cut and crown a barrel SHORTER than what it starts out as, we cannot lengthen a barrel with a cut and crown.
We do not recommend crowning threaded barrels as there is not enough material to make a big difference.
AlphaWolf barrels are fluted so keep that in mind as the flutes will show on the crown if cut to a drastically shorter length.
AlphaWolf barrels will no longer have a finish on the crown so a refinish is recommended and can be found HERE.
On 45ACP barrels, the only crowns that show well are the Shallow and Deep Recessed Crowns. The others require more wall thickness.

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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