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When we first launched the original Timberwolf frame, one of the first questions was “when will it be available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357SIG?” That time is now, because we’ve revamped and upgraded the design to bring you the Timberwolf Compact. The first thing you’ll notice is that the TWC fits in your hand like a much smaller pistol.

The TWC-3 and TWC-1 accept Gen3 and Gen4 G19, 23, 32, and 38 slides.

When using a Gen4 slide you simply remove the installed adapter in the dust cover area of the frame. Using Gen3 slides you leave the adapter in place to fill the gap between the slide and dust cover. 

The TWC includes the dust cover adapter, removable magazine well, and interchangeable backstraps. 

No matter what your shooting goal is, the TWC will fit your needs. Whether you want a gun for backwoods carry, a longslide for competition, a slim and easy to carry 9mm for personal protection, or just want to build the coolest gun at the range, the Timberwolf Compact can make your dreams come true. 


If purchasing a bare frame with parts kit the same parts are used but not installed, if you are using your own parts please note most parts are GEN3 parts except the magazine catch, locking block (PN 4361), and trigger housing which requires a GEN4 style part. 

Part Name TWC  
LWD Extended Slide Stop 3 Pin LWD-7496  
LWD Ext Slide Lock Lever Black LWD-ESLL  
LWD Connector 3.5 lb LWD-342  
LWD Trigger Spring 6 lb LWD-350-6  
LWD Trigger Pin LWD-420  
LWD Locking Block Pin LWD-4368  
LWD Slide Lock Spring LWD-2317  
LWD Locking Block LWD-4361-1  
LWD Trigger Housing Pin (Black) LWD-427B  
LWD Universal Trigger Housing LWD-UTH-9  
LWD Mag Catch Spring LWD-280  
LWD Magazine Catch Reversible (Gen 4) LWD-7534  
LWD Trigger Bar LWD-3608  
LWD Polymer Trigger Shoe, Black (Standard, non adjustable) LWD-PolyShoe  

*When checking out please put the name, city, state, and phone number of the FFL you want the frame shipped to in the comments section.

Must ship to FFL , if a frame, slide and barrel are on an order the 10% excise tax will be added by our CS team.

*When swapping mag catch directions you must REMOVE the magazine catch spring, do NOT just pry the spring around the mag catch, frame damage will occur. 

FFL items are not returnable.

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  • 5
    Ergonomics are great

    Posted by J.A on 24th Jan 2024

    Feels like a dream in your hands, Really good ergonomics

  • 5
    Great product!!!

    Posted by Mario Banez on 7th Dec 2023

    I bought this serialized frame to replace one that wasn’t serialized although I know it’s okay to have that - for now. Anyway, ordering it was super easy and it arrived at the FFL dealer I think within 7 days. After looking the frame over, I realized I should have ordered the Gen4 Locking Block, Mag Release and Trigger Housing Assy. Those arrived within 4 days. No problem. I assembled the frame and noticed that the stock Glock pin that holds the Trigger Frame Assy was about 1/8” too long (in the back). I trimmed that off so that it’ll be flushed with the frame grip. Also, the other stock Glock pin that holds the Locking Block was about 1/8” too short. I just evened it into the frame. I used the arched grip option and removed the extended flared mag well - it stuck out and too squared for me. The frame felt awesome when gripped!!! I installed my aftermarket G19 upper and took it to the range. The gun shot and handled very well using up to 200 rounds. I ‘felt’ better carrying a serialized gun, and it’s a matter of personal choice. Oh, I’ll use the other frame for another build, no doubt! Yes, I highly recommend this product.