AlphaWolf Extractor LCI 9mm High Polished

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A broken extractor will render your semi-automatic Glock pistol into a useless single shot

  • High Polished finish
  • Machined from certified 17-4 stainless steel billet
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Smoother extraction
  • Better lubricity
  • Less friction
  • Flawless functionality
  • Improved reliability
  • Identification - 0 dots on the extractor
How do you improve the reliability of your Glock service pistol? By installing the AlphaWolf SS extractor.  This fail-safe replacement part is proven to endure extended abuse.

A broken extractor will render your semi-automatic Glock pistol into a useless single shot!  MIM (Metal Injection Molding) extractors are known to fail when subjected to direct impact.  Glock factory certified Armorers warn shooters: NEVER drop the slide on a loaded chamber, or risk imminent failure due to breakage. MIM extractors are documented as failing this test in a single use!

Our AlphaWolf extractor substantially surpasses the original MIM factory part in every detail including base material, fit, finish and function. Our loaded chamber slam test rigorously abused the AW extractor by dropping the slide on a loaded chamber over 1,500 times, and it still functions flawlessly! Our high polished finish ensures continued reliability.  We believe this is the most durable and functional extractor available today.
*Fits all Glock 9mm or .380 factory slide* (except G42 & G43)

*The perfect complement to any Lone Wolf Stainless Steel Slide

*Does not fit G42 & G43

*Fits all Gen3 & Gen4 9mm and G25 and G28 (.380 models) Glock pistols

*If upgrading from a non LCI extractor, you will also need to replace the spring loaded bearing with part number LWD-2714

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  • 5
    High polish extractor

    Posted by William on 7th Sep 2023

    Couldn't be happier or more and function are perfect... Plus I caught it on sale.?

  • 4
    Seems to work well

    Posted by Joe Johns on 6th Sep 2023

    Was having problems with Extract/Eject. Decided to replace the mim with this. Haven't been to the range yet but in dry fire, seems to work every time.

  • 4
    High polished 9mm LCI extractor

    Posted by L Miller on 18th Jan 2023

    Nice finish but the claw on the extractor is not as thick/robust as compared to my other two Stainless steel billet 9mm G19 extractors from other companies.

  • 5
    Polished Extractor

    Posted by Robert on 5th Jan 2023

    This extractor works great and looks good in my G-17. I'll buy another one for my G-19.

  • 5
    Lone wolf extractor

    Posted by Steven Cirtaus on 18th Dec 2022

    Works like a champ!