Lone Wolf Polymer Magazine Disassembly Tool with AT1 Tool

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Quickly and easily remove the floor plate from your Glock magazine.

Usage Instructions:
  • Slide magazine with rear facing down into the appropriate slot in tool.
  • Insert pin punch in properly labeled hole from back side into the magazine.
  • Push magazine down into tool until it hits the shelf.
  • Remove punch and magazine from tool and carefully slide baseplate the rest of the way off magazine (caution: items under spring pressure, wear protective eye wear).

Fits the following make and models:
  • Glock 9/40/357/45Gap , 10/45, and .380 magazines. 
  • Springfield 40S&W
  • Walther P22
  • ISSC M22
  • RIA 1911 high cap (22TCM/9mm)
  • S&W M&P
  • S&W SD9VE
  • Keltec's

Kit includes LWD-AT1 for use with mag tool.

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