LWD Locking Block Full Size 3 Pin 3rd Gen

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For use in all fullsize Timberwolf and 3 pin 3rd gen Glocks.

Lone Wolf's Benefits:

  • Metal Injection Molded
  • Same as aerospace, very good for high stress situations
  • Manufactured in a ISO 9001 facility
  • Highly controlled tolerances, radiuses in critical areas
  • Maximum amount of bearing surfaces since draft angles (required with MIM) are eliminated
  • No surface treatment required
  • 44C rockwell hardness (+/- 2) for durability 
  • Greater potential for increasing shot to shot accuracy

Glock OEM parts are MIM, some problems with MIM include:

  • Is oversized by 20.6%, then sintered down in a mold to final size, this creates many deviations while molding
  • MIM is bound by a glue. It is heated, the glue melts and then sticks together with the metal particles
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