Lone Wolf Titanium Firing Pin (9/40/357/45GAP) Complete w/ Mid-Weight Spring

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Lone Wolf Distributors is now offering Titanium firing pins! 

This is a drop-in upgrade that is intended to enhance drop safety and reduce lock time by reducing the overall weight of the firing pin by 61%. Lock time is the amount of time between the striker being released and the ignition of the cartridge. A faster lock time, even fractions of a second, can be the difference between an accurate shot and a miss since there is less time to disturb your sight alignment. Tests show that our Titanium firing pin reduces lock time by 33%!  

All the parts used to build a complete titanium striker assembly: 

*This kit does not come assembled
Product features:
  • 61% lighter than a factory Glock striker and 54% lighter than even our lightweight steel strikers LWD-49LW
  • Improves lock time by 33%
  • Made to increase reliability by decreasing the weight and striking the primer faster
  • Made from ultra light-weight Titanium
  • TiN PVD coated
  • Does not fit models 42,43, or Gen5's

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    Posted by Jeff on 21st Sep 2023

    Customer service is great, but the striker pin leaves much to be desired. Install the striker kit into an aftermarket slide and placed it on a Lone Wolf completed TWC compact frame. The striker failed to fall when the trigger was pressed. Reinstall Glock OEM striker and it functioned without a problem. Lone Wolf provided a second striker and the result was the same. The geometry of the tab is slightly different from the OEM striker and Lone Wolf striker. Maybe polishing the area will make the striker functional. The only concern is removing material and losing structural integrity of the part where it becomes soft. Will try it though.

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    Lone Wolf Titanium Firing Pin (9/40/357/45GAP) Complete w/ Mid-Weight Spring

    Posted by Jim Nowicki on 16th Sep 2023

    Sale price did it for me. Easy to install. great results

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    Repeat Failure

    Posted by Jeremy on 18th Jun 2023

    First off, the Lone Wolf customer support has been great. I’ve now received two replacement firing pins with no questions. However, my experience with the firing pin itself has been terrible. I am on my third one because the previous two have failed at ~500 - 800 rounds. Both failed in exactly the same manner, with the entire tab shearing off the rear of the pin and jamming inside the channel liner. Both failures occurred in extremely tame conditions—at a range, not being dragged through dust/mud/rain, on a pistol that isn’t my carry gun—and with low round counts on both failed strikers. I’ll continue to use this third replacement striker to see if it will hold up any better, but I have no confidence in it at all. I would not recommend this as an upgrade for a defensive or duty pistol.

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    Amazing value

    Posted by Nick Ray on 21st May 2023

    This complete striker assembly is an amazing deal for the price. The machining on the striker itself is extremely smooth and clean giving it a clean trigger pull and break right when you drop it in!

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    Awesome quality very crisp

    Posted by Thomas on 4th May 2023

    Much lighter it's partially skeletonized very crisp trigger pull and less friction I recommend it to anyone