LWD Refinish, Satin 1 barrel

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The new Satin Refinish from Lone Wolf provides a nice clean, muted look for your stainless steel Lone Wolf barrel.

Please Note:

  • We currently only offer this service on our Lone Wolf barrels. 
  • Service can be bought alongside a new barrel, or you may send in your existing barrel.
  • On existing barrels with top hood engravings, the Satin Refinish reduces the visibility of the logo. 
  • The Satin Refinish retains oil better, lowering surface friction. 
  • All Satin Refinish work includes a hand polished feed ramp, ramp to chamber transition, and chamber.
  • No refunds on custom services.


Your Satin Refinish receives a coat of custom oil as a protective sealant. Application of harsh chemicals and/or cleaning solvents will remove this oil coating and break down the protective sealant causing the finish to change color, dull, or fail. To maintain your Satin Refinish, simply wipe the surface down using a soft cloth and reapply a thin coat of oil

*Refinishing services are not completed in house. To keep the cost of refinishing services low for our customers, ALL refinishing work is sent to be completed once we receive a certain number of orders. Once that quota is hit, then the lead time begins.


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