LWD Refinish Cerakote

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The dropdown labeled "Small Misc. Part" is applicable for one RMR plate, compensator, flash hider, thread protector, slide adapter, or magwell. 

Please Note:

  • We currently offer this service only on Lone Wolf, Alphawolf, and OEM parts.
  • Slides and lowers need to be completely disassembled before shipping to us. A new channel liner will be required (we can remove and install for you).
  • If you have plastic OEM sights, they will be destroyed during removal. New sights will need to be purchased.
  • For parts not shown in drop down menu, please email customerservice@lonewolfdist.com for a price quote.
  • No returns or refunds are issued on custom services.
  • Lead times can be found here.

*Refinishing services are not completed in house. To keep the cost of refinishing services low for our customers, ALL refinishing work is sent to be completed once we receive a certain number of orders. Once that quota is hit, then the lead time begins.

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