Signature Series #21 OEM Serrations | MACHINE WORK ONLY

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SLIDE NOT INCLUDED, $174.95 includes machine work only

Our Signature Series slides are our finest, most interesting, and radical creations.

Each individual Signature Series was hand picked to showcase our innovation in machining.


Pattern #21-1 can be performed on an Alphawolf OEM style slide, or one of our AlphaWolf blank slides. It maintains the rear OEM serrations while adding aggressively angled cut-outs forward on the slide which make the slide easier to grip and manipulate. The sides of the slide are scalloped for additional weight savings.

  • Pattern #21-1 can only be performed on most AlphaWolf OEM solid top slides (no open top slides such as Glock 34/35/17L/24), or AlphaWolf blank slides (purchase here)
  • Cannot be done on Alphawolf G20L and G21L slides (blank slides ok)
  • Cannot be done on G29,30,30S,36,37,38,39,42, or 43 slides
  • Current turnaround time can be seen here.
  • Pattern will look slightly different on different length slides
  • SLIDE NOT INCLUDED, $174.95 includes machine work only
  • After machining, the slide has little to no room for custom engraving


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