AlphaWolf Barrel For Ruger LC380 Conversion to 9x18 Makarov Stock Length

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Length 3.14 inch, 79.75 mm

Alpha Wolf barrels establish the benchmark for absolute accuracy and combat reliability. It is the pinnacle of what every other barrel manufacturer strives to be.

Barrel Features:

  • Fits Ruger LC380 
  • Designed for lead, plated, or jacketed ammunition
  • Certified, stress relieved 416 stainless steel
  • Button rifled, three stage honed bore
  • Industry recognized SBN premium coating (SBN is Salt Bath Nitride, similar to Tennifer)
  • Heat treated to RC 40-42, then SBN coating increases surface hardness to RC 60
  • Exacting tolerances allow for drop in installation
Conversion requires use of factory Ruger .380 magazine. 9x18 Makarov ammo fits in the Ruger .380 magazines.

Due to SBN coating we are unable to custom chamber or custom crown Alpha Wolf barrels.

Do not use +P or +P+ ammunition in any Lone Wolf branded replacement barrel for the Glock 42, Glock 43, S&W Shield or Ruger LC380 series. Between inconsistences with ammunition manufacturers loading practices, which may not conform to SAAMI specifications, unsafe firing conditions may result with these non-standard loads. Accordingly, use of +P or +P+ ammunition in these Lone Wolf barrel models will void the warranty.

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Barrel Length:
3.14in (79.75mm)