Lone Wolf Ultimate Adjustable Trigger

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*Printed instructions do not come with the trigger. Please see installation instructions below BEFORE installing your trigger.*

Installation Instructions:
Field Stripping Your Pistol
Receiver Disassembly
Trigger Assembly
Trigger Adjustment

Everyone loves a new pistol, but not everyone loves the factory trigger pull in their new gun. That's why we created the Ultimate Adjustable Trigger, which has all of the features you want in an aftermarket trigger - at the price you need.

The Ultimate Adjustable Trigger is available for all Glock models except GEN5 (coming soon!) and can be ordered as just the bare trigger shoe, or complete with an OEM Glock trigger bar.

Premium features include:

Precision machined 6061 Billet Aluminum shoe
Smooth, symmetrical shoe with large radiused edges
In-gun adjustability! No need to remove to adjust pre and over travel
2 piece design allow easy trigger bar swap
Finer adjustments compared to competitors' triggers
Oversized safety lever allows more comfort to the shooter's finger
Safety lever is flush to the shoe for more comfort
No press out pins like competitors' designs
Single screw assembly - Simple and DURABLE
Tighter tolerances to lessen wobble between shoe and trigger bar
Built on brand new, state of the art CNC machinery
9/40 versions are intended for GEN 3&4 (DOES NOT FIT GEN5)

Choose bare trigger shoe (LWD-UAT-A) if you want to swap our shoe onto any Glock bar you have, it's a universal part. If wanting to install into a GEN 1 or GEN 2 choose bare shoe and install on your bar.

Choose 9/40 version for all GEN3 or GEN4 9mm/40S&W/357SIG Glocks (other than Glock 43). A Glock OEM trigger bar will be included.

Choose 10/45 version for all 10mm and 45ACP Glocks (other than G36, use bare shoe for G36). A stainless LWD bar will be included

Choose 43/43X/48 for the version that fits all G43 variants.

Pre-travel and over-travel screws are included but not installed.
Depending on your connector, you may not need the over-travel screw.
Depending on your model and other internals you may not need the pre-travel screw.

If you are using a UAT with a UTH (Universal Trigger Housing) you don't need to adjust both over-travel screws. Pick one and leave the other unadjusted.

Certain combinations of parts and adjustments of the trigger can result in VERY light trigger pulls. If you are unprepared, unsafe conditions may arise. Proper adjustment is critical to safe operation.

Use in Polymer80 frames may require minor trigger bar fitting for proper operation.

Looking for replacement screws? Find them here.

Looking for the Ultimate Trigger Package?
Don't forget the rest of the parts to round out your trigger!

LWD-342 3.5lb connector
LWD-350-6 6lb trigger spring
LWD-63-4 Mid-weight striker spring
LWD Lightweight striker
LWD Lightweight safety plunger (9/40 linked)
LWD-70M Marine firing pin spring cup

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  • 5
    very nice product.

    Posted by Michael on 23rd Apr 2024

    East assembly, love the adjustable access. Great product

  • 5

    Posted by Steve on 22nd Feb 2024

    Bought one quite a while back for an G-21SF and loved it! The new version is even better. It is vastly improved with deburring and polishing! Thank you for a high quality product!

  • 4
    Vastly improved…..

    Posted by dave koury on 15th Nov 2023

    The feel and function of the trigger shoe is a vast improvement over the OEM. The bar, as received, had two burs at the contact point with the connector. Rough and gritty after install. So a few minutes with ceramic stones and polishing, all is well. Together with the target connector and springs the pull is silky smooth at 3lb 4oz. I did not install the take up and over travel screws. Overall well worth it.

  • 5
    Adjustable Trigger

    Posted by Northup's Gunsmith Service on 2nd Oct 2023

    These are great triggers, adjustable as well Highly recommended

  • 5

    Posted by GET on 12th Sep 2023

    Love this trigger! Watch Johnny Glocks polishing instructions tutorial on utoob before installing, and you will be VERY happy with the results. Lowers pull weight a bit, but takeup and reset are adjustable and exceedingly NICE!

  • 5
    Ultimate Adjustable Trigger

    Posted by Kent Anderson on 11th Aug 2023

    I have purchased several of these triggers and they are a great quality product. A great choice of colors if they are in stock. Aluminum shoe has a nice feel to the touch.

  • 5
    Lone Wolf Ultimate adj. trigger

    Posted by Paul on 16th Jan 2023

    Smooth, handsome, stainless steel. Great improvement over stock trigger.