Signature Series #25 w/ windows | MACHINE WORK ONLY

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SLIDE NOT INCLUDED, $174.95 includes machine work only

Custom guns are in our DNA. Our Custom Machined Slides are the coolest, most interesting, and most popular patterns that you can now order!

Pattern 25 cuts a hexagonal array into your slide for a look that can truly be described as one of a kind. This attractive pattern will also provide an additional gripping surface.

Additional Options:

  • Slide not included, purchase slide to apply machining to here.
  • Red dot optic mounting machining not included, add red dot machining here.

General Notes:

  • Current turnaround time can be seen here.
  • Pattern can be applied to AlphaWolf blank slides in addition to AlphaWolf OEM slides
  • Pattern will look slightly different on different length slides.
  • After machining there is little to no room for custom engraving.
  • Available on solid top slides only, cannot be done on an "Open Top" or C ported slides (17L/34/35/24/41 OEM)
  • Cannot be done on G29,30,30S,36,37,38,39,42,43,43X,44, or 48 slides
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